We introduce you to Xirimiri, our beloved pet, lovingly known by her friends as Xiri. She arrived at ESN Bilbao before anyone and she loyally follows as to all our adventures. She loves meeting new people and welcoming those who visit our city, as well as taking care of her family: the ESN Bilbao volunteers.

She’s a lovely whale, who’s proud to be from Bilbao and loves to travel to know new places. She joins in all the trips we go on and she grabs this opportunity to visit her pet friends from other ESN sections. They love Xiri so much that there are even times that she disappears, since they don’t want to get separated from her. She usually sends us pictures of her adventures, but she misses us so much that she returns to her hometown as soon as she can.

Xiri is looking forward to meeting you all, welcoming you to your new home and being part of your Erasmus family. If you see her, don’t hesitate to take a picture with her and share it. This way she’ll remember all his friends!